Welcome to Armillary Private Capital. We are a boutique investment bank with an experienced team that helps  businesses, business owners and investors achieve their financial goals and create value. Our services will assist you to take the next step with your business or find alternative investment options.

We trace our history in the New Zealand private capital markets back to 1992, where we began as part professional services firm McCallum Petterson.  In 2005, we were formally established as a standalone entity under common ownership with our parent, and in 2008 we secured our independence through the acquisition of the remaining interest in the firm.

In 2009, we re-branded our firm as Armillary Private Capital.  We take our name from the Armillary Sphere which was developed by the ancient Greeks as a tool for teaching and solving astronomical problems. The sphere forms the basis of our logo and the name has been adopted as it relates to the core of our business – solving business problems.

Our approach is based on a combination of influences grounded in our purpose, methodology and experiences.  We have worked with a range of New Zealand businesses through all stages of the business lifecycle from startup to maturity.  Be they private, listed or government-related we have seen and experienced the roller-coaster rides business owners and managers endure.  These experiences allow us to quickly identify your business needs and find the right business solution.

An important part of our financial approach is the use of proven financial tools and methodologies to provide a concise but comprehensive view of business performance.  A key methodology that underpins our work is the DuPont method.  The DuPont method is a powerful but highly practical method of analysis allows us to develop a rapid understanding of the underlying performance of a business and to identify key business drivers.  This disciplined approach helps us with quality decision making in our work.