Below is a wide range of different investment opportunities available for you to invest in right now. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us.

Medical Practice Network

Group of medical practices with $27m of revenue and $2m+ of EBIT. This business is currently working on a strategic relationship with an overseas party. It aims to continue acquisitions of medical practices and continue development of medical related property assets comprising medical practice, chemist, physio, radiology etc.
This medical practice network requires between $5 and $10m of funding.


Medicinal Cannabis

New Zealand owned company aims to cultivate, extract, process and sell pharmaceutical grade, 100% NZ certified organic medicinal cannabis extracts through wholesale and retail distribution to licensed organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region, and beyond.

$11m capital raise for the development of its manufacturing and extraction facility.


Established Wine Business 

Established wine business with operation split between production, New Zealand distribution and export distribution. Current capacity is  c.1.1m cases.

Looking to raise between $10 and $15m of new capital with equity stake option.


Eco-Friendly Beverage Company

Owns, produces and operates a stable of renowned FMCG brands focused on authentic beverages including its own water products. Through a combination of in-house development and strategic acquisition, it has built a portfolio of environmentally- friendly packaged products that includes award-winning juice, coconut water, craft beer range, wine and coffee.

It is currently raising c.$1.3m by way of share offer.


Digital Media

Up to $2m for growth capital for an outdoor advertising and digital media business. It operates nearly 100 small screens focused on the DIY, Garden Centres, Marine and Clubs sectors and recently has acquired 20 large format electronic billboards in prime locations around Auckland and Whangarei.


Truck Distribution and Sales

One of New Zealand’s largest truck dealerships comprising 4 sites in the upper North Island that has recently secured the distribution of 2 renowned brands.

Seeking $12-18m of capital for growth and intergenerational transition.


Roll Up in the Retirement Village and Aged Care Sector

Mix of operating and development assets in prime metropolitan locations

Equity funding up to $40m, Debt funding c.100m. Further $500m of developments can be added to opportunities.


Manuka Honey Business

A fully integrated Manuka honey business that is growing its brand and market reach both domestically and internationally. Its operations include bee keeping, extraction, processing, packing, marketing and retail and export.

Raising c.$10m of which some will be used to fund growth and to provide limited liquidity for some existing shareholders.


SaaS Platform

A SaaS platform that allows cultural heritage organisations to manage and make accessible their digital collections. The company has grown its customer base by 4x in the last four years across New Zealand and Australia and has recently signed customers in North America and the UK. Current ARR is c. $1m, with a 3-year CAGR of 48% and a customer churn of <2% p.a.

It is seeking to raise $2.5-$3m for c. 35% of the company, in order to drive sales in international markets.


High-tech Medicinal Research Equipment Manufacturer

Manufacturer of high-tech medical research equipment, focused on separating and measuring nanoparticles. Its customers are leading medical research institutes in over 53 countries and include the National Institute of Health and US FDA, amongst others.

Product revenue is currently $5.6m, following YOY growth of c. 50%, and the company has 36 staff across Australasia, USA, Europe and China. It is raising $5m for c. 15% of the company, with the capital raised used to accelerate their growth initiatives and provide working capital.


Education Sector Advisory Business

Extensive curriculum of accredited training, coaching and mentoring programmes provided to a wide range of blue-chip organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region.

Revenue of c.$8m in 2019, looking to further develop its offering in the US market and its rapidly growing Advisory business. The founder and largest shareholder is seeking a total sale of the business.


Wine Sector

A premier wine brand with annual sales exceeding 35,000 cases specialising in Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

Revenue of c. $5.5m with an EBIT margin of c. 6%. Further capital to accelerate growth in international markets and drive further production.


Premium Beverage Company

Top three selling brand in its industry globally.  Products based from authentic Asian ingredients, an East African family recipe and flavour enhancing batch making.  Currently sold throughout APAC, Europe the Middle East and America.

Seeking c.$5m to extend its product range, facilitate growth and capture market share from larger competitors.


Fintech Digital Content Platform

Utilising market-leading billing solutions with a leading global platform for commercialising digital content on the mobile web, selling direct to customers. Its platform unlocks the mobile web as a pathway for digital content, providing a rich customer experience and delivering better marketing ROI for its partners. Existing products in the market selling through direct carrier billing with the four major UK telcos.

The company is seeking up to $5m to migrate its head office to the UK, fast-track its expansion into European markets, and focus on third party digital content.


IT-Consulting Business

A New Zealand based IT-consulting business that provides enterprise clients with cloud, networking, security and data services. Revenue has increased c. 30% YOY since 2017 driven by leveraging supplier relationships, and Future Contracted Revenue has grown to c. $16m and a pipeline of over 70 opportunities.

Its shareholders are looking to sell a majority or 100% of the business.


If you are interested in any of these investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch!