The goal of increasing value in your business in turn becomes our goal. At Armillary you will work with experienced senior people who can help you navigate the world of finance. Our success will be the result of your success in meeting your ambitions.

Investment Banking
Think of us as your outsourced corporate finance team.

In close collaboration with you and your team, and usually for a considerable amount of time, our role will be to secure capital related solutions for your business and enhance its value.

Specifically, here is how we would help;

  • Make an assessment of your current and future capital needs and develop a plan to secure those needs

  • Assist you to raise funding, either through new equity and/or debt, to take the business to the next level

  • Guide you in acquiring another business

  • Help you merge with another business

  • Advise on you selling the business

  • Arrange mezzanine or trade finance

  • Facilitate a change of shareholders in the business