Armillary has decades of experience in the agribusiness and primary sectors. 

Peter Bosworth, who leads the agribusiness team, has had forty years working in the sector providing farm advisory and governance services to a number of companies. He has also held senior and executive roles in banking and finance focused on funding the sector.  Pete is Armillary’s representative on the M&A Worldwide Food and Beverage Industry Group. 

We are currently working with firms in the wine, fishing, kiwifruit and the dairy sectors and have also completed recent transactions for proprietary seed, beef genetics, food and beverage, berry fruit, carbon and forest firms.  Given the importance of the primary sector to New Zealand, Armillary will continue to focus on agribusiness markets.

Armillary uses its extensive networks throughout New Zealand and also its relationship with the 44 M&A Worldwide network partner firms located around the globe to secure debt and equity capital and transactional M&A counterparties.  There continues to strong interest from within New Zealand and offshore to invest in agribusiness.  New Zealand is highly regarded in these markets and will continue to be a global leader in new technology driving the sector.

Agribusiness and the primary sector are important markets for Armillary and we will continue to invest significant and capable resource to assist our new and long standing clients navigate the ongoing opportunities. 

Farm Advisory and Governance services include helping you with:
Strategic and Succession Planning

Crafting strong, well-founded strategies to leverage a firm's inherent strengths and address its weaknesses, all aimed at enhancing shareholder wealth.

Development, Land Acquisition, Business Growth & Divestment

Our emphasis on strategic development, careful land acquisition, and consistent business growth reflects our commitment to achieving success in the industry. Through a deliberate approach to divestment, we aim to navigate opportunities effectively for a sustainable future in our agribusiness portfolio.

Capital Raising & Restructuring of Debt Facilities

Armillary excels in strategic capital raising, providing tailored solutions for diverse financial needs. We navigate capital markets with precision, ensuring a smooth fundraising process.

Risk management

We adopt a thorough approach to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks across our operations. Through the integration of effective risk mitigation strategies, we aim to maintain the resilience and stability of our agribusiness ventures, prioritising the safeguarding of investments for long-term success.

Treasury plans

Our treasury plans focus on optimising financial resources for efficient liquidity management and sustainable capital allocation. Through thoughtful financial planning and prudent decision-making, our goal is to contribute to the financial health and flexibility of our agribusiness ventures.


Through rigorous benchmarking analyses, the aim is to identify areas for improvement and implement strategic adjustments, enhancing the overall competitiveness and efficiency of agribusiness operations.