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Independent since 2008, and determinedly so now, we adopted the Armillary name in 2009.

The name derives from the armillary sphere that the Greeks used to solve astronomical problems. It seemed a fitting metaphor for what we do as a business, navigating the way through sometimes dark and stormy waters.


Our investment banking services include raising debt/equity, selling/buying businesses, and mergers. We offer advisory services for business decision making, governance, valuations and independent reviews. We provide financial training, asset management, and operate markets for capital raising, liquidity, and value creation through direct investments in alternative asset classes.

You can judge us by the company we keep.
Our track record and case studies speak for us far better than we can.


Earthcare’s merger with PE-backed Smart Environmental.

Armillary advised the Earthcare group and its shareholders on the sale to Smart Environmental.

Earthcare operates private green waste and council waste services across the North Island of New Zealand.

The transaction consideration comprised both cash and shares in Smart Environmental plus an earnout component.


Te Runanga O Toa Rangatira acquires the land under 39 schools in its rohe for $448m.

Armillary advised TROTR on the acquisition of the land and was joint lead manager on the arranging of the senior and junior debt funding.

Te Runanga O Toa Rangatira is located in the great Wellington region and aims to improve the lives of its people through community development, cultural preservation, and economic empowerment.

The senior funding was arranged from 3 banks and 1 Kiwisaver fund and the holdco facility was arranged from 1 Kiwisaver fund and two Māori trusts.


Promisia Healthcare Independent Adviser’s and Independent Appraisal Report.

Armillary prepared a combined Independent Adviser’s report and Independent Appraisal report under the Takeovers Code and NZX Listing Rules respectively for Promisia Healthcare (PHL).

PHL is an NZX listed company, previously called Promisia Integrative, and at the time was a developer and marketer of natural therapeutic products.

The report for PHL’s shareholders was in respect of a series of transactions including a partially underwritten pro-rata rights issue and the purchase of shares pursuant to a put option exercise.

Shareholder approval for the transactions was obtained at a Special Meeting of PHL shareholders.

Structured Credit Facility

Structured credit facility for Darling Group.

Armillary arranged a $12 structured credit facility from a single HNWI.

Darling Group is an exporter of high-quality fresh produce to the world that has been expanding its global supply networks for over 20 years, providing consistent quality, volume, and value in the market year-round.

The funds were used to repay existing bank debt and provide funding for further growth.

Equity Raise

 Izon completes $10.50m equity raise.

Armillary advised Izon on its capital raise which resulted in Bolton Equities taking a 30% shareholding.

Izon Science develops advanced medical R&D equipment focused on separating and measuring nanoparticles. Izon’s world-leading tools are used by its medical & life sciences customers who are working on nanomedicines, viruses and vaccines.

Armillary approached a wide range of local and international investors to secure the investment.


RAGC Semences acquires 100% shareholding in Seedforce and Seedforce Pty.

Armillary advised the shareholders of Seedforce and Seedforce Pty on the sale of their 60% shareholding to RAGC Semences.

Seedforce is a proprietary seed company that specializes in breeding, multiplying and selling unique and common pasture and crop seed varieties to the New Zealand and export markets.

Armillary undertook a global search for acquirers for the shareholding.


Aegis Whitby acquires Whitby Lifestyle Village.

Armillary advised Aegis Projects on the sale of the Whitby Lifestyle Village to Aegis Whitby and arranged $24m of debt funding for Aegis Whitby.

Whitby Lifestyle Village is a retirement village business located in Whitby, New Zealand that provides a range of accommodation options and services for seniors who are looking for a comfortable and secure place to live in their retirement years.

Aegis Whitby was established by Te Runanga O Toa Rangatira and Aegis Projects retained a shareholding and management role.

Armillary is part of M&A Worldwide, a network of independent M&A Worldwide advisory firms with 46 offices across 36 countries.

member of

Being part of the M&A Worldwide network gives Armillary access to a large collection of buyers, sellers and merger candidates around the world. Members of M&A Worldwide work together to fulfil client needs locally and internationally. M&A Worldwide provides Armillary and its clients with real global reach.

Our People
Let Armillary help your business reach its financial potential. Contact us now to learn more.

We offer a range of services to assist businesses in achieving their financial goals, including investment banking, advisory services, financial training, and asset management.

Our team is dedicated to helping clients improve their financial decisions 
and business performance, while also providing access to marketplaces for capital raising and liquidity.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is investment banking?

An investment bank operates to help companies manage their capital needs. This may take the form of creating a capital plan, helping you raise capital, merging your business with another, selling the business, or changing the shareholder structure.

How we help

What do I need an Investment Bank’s help for?

First, the experience of the people who will be advising you. Second, their ability to look at your business objectively. Third, their honesty in helping you see what the best solution might be. Fourth, their connections and networks to be able to solve your capital needs.

What is Asset Management?

Pretty much what the terms say– managing the pools of capital or specialist businesses, and ideally then growing the value of those assets.

Asset Management

Why do I need Advisory Services?

Advisory services help improve business performance through better financial management, a new governance model, and a focus on identifying the drivers of value within your business.

What are alternative assets or alternative investments?

Typically, they are investments other than conventional ones - listed shares, direct property, bank deposits, and bonds.

Alternative Investments Options

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

The means by which an individual investor can invest a small amount of money into a business and in return own a piece of equity of that business.

Equity Crowdfunding

What is mezzanine capital?

Mezzanine capital, also known as mezzanine financing, is a hybrid of debt financing that fills the gap between senior debt and equity in the capital structure of a company.

What is mezzanine financing?

Mezzanine financing refers to a type of funding that sits between senior debt and equity in the capital stack. It is typically used to support expansion, acquisition, or recapitalisation efforts.

Mezzanine financing involves providing capital to a company in exchange for a subordinated debt instrument that pays a higher rate of interest than traditional senior debt but a lower cost of capital than equity.

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