We manage investment entities aimed at creating value through direct investment in alternative asset classes.

Investing in private companies requires not only a deep understanding of what makes companies work but also how value is created and realised.

Our approach allows us to be an active part of the value proposition for investors looking to benefit from exposure to these niches.

Residential Property Ventures

Residential Property Ventures is a limited partnership formed to provide superior returns on New Zealand Residential Investment Property. We are the investment manager for and utilise an outsourced approach to bring in the expertise as required for developments being undertaken. A key partner is RAWA [] an Auckland-based strategic property adviser.

Armillary Mezzanine Capital

We are currently capital raising for Armillary Mezzanine Capital which will provide mezzanine debt and equity funding to NZ businesses to provide short and medium term growth capital filling the gap between what a bank will lend and existing equity or private equity.

If you are interested in investing in Armillary Mezzanine Capital email David.

Touchstone Capital Partners


We are the former manager of Touchstone Capital Partners, an investment company that invests in underperforming, distressed or destabilised business assets targeting business improvement, rehabilitation and turnaround opportunities.